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I’m an experienced researcher within the field of lithium and lithium-ion batteries with particular expertise in electrochemistry. I’ve worked in both academia and the automotive industry on a wide range of projects related to materials chemistry and electrochemistry of current- and next-generation batteries.

My scientific background is in chemistry, specialising in electrochemistry. I have been working in battery research for over 15 years, developing expertise in electrochemical methods and techniques, and next-generation battery chemistries. I have worked in a number of large collaborations between industry and academia.

Today, I am a Senior Engineer in the Materials Technology section at Scania in SödertĂ€lje, Sweden, where I am the team leader for the battery cell team in Materials Technology. The battery cell team is responsible for providing support to Scania’s organisation in terms of battery material analysis and expertise, covering cell teardown, material characterisation, research, and technical consulting, from research and venture capital to product development, production and field quality. I currently supervise two PhD students, both registered at Uppsala University.

Outside of my employment, I have been active in online outreach and social media for a number of years, focusing on education and awareness of battery science. Beginning in 2016, I adapted some of my teaching material for online distribution, which has since developed into Lithium Inventory. On social media I occasionally comment on current developments in the academic field or industry, with a particular interest in electrochemical insights and critically appraising hype or misleading PR.

Read more about my current and previous projects here.

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  • Senior Engineer, Scania CV AB, SödertĂ€lje, Sweden, 2019 – present
  • Researcher, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, 2012 – 2019
  • Postdoc, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, 2012
  • Intern, Merck Chemicals Ltd, Chilworth, UK, 2008


  • PhD, Chemistry, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, 2012
  • MChem, Chemistry, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, 2008

Publications, patents, talks

Links to pre-/post-prints or final published versions hosted here are given where possible and, to the best of my knowledge, in accordance with the journal publishing agreement. Links to the articles at the journal website are given in every case. See also my Google Scholar profile.

Do also follow “background” links where given for a discussion of the background behind the published work. I’m slowly working on these, and more will be added in due course.


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