Looking for feedback from my followers on the future of this website

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Looking for some feedback from my followers regarding the future of my website, in particular the electrochemistry & battery chem tutorials..

What started out as a barely-visited personal website while a postdoc has become seemingly a quite popular resource for knowledge on niche academic topics (particularly impedance spectroscopy), with consistently ~3000 visitors/month for several years now. I’m very happy, and flattered, that so many have found it useful in spite of the fact that I never really attempted to market it, or even develop it much in the last 6 years or so.

However for a variety of reasons I think a crossroads will soon be reached where I need to consider what to do with the website and its content. Part of it is technical, e.g. it is hosted on a VPS using a version of Linux that is no longer supported and that I would have trouble updating. Part of it is professional circumstance, since for 3 years I have been in industry and don’t feel the same need to advertise myself with a personal website.

Part of it is, to be completely honest, financial, since it costs a not-negligible amount of money to essentially only maintain the existing content. And part of it is time and motivation in developing it, which has become harder to find since leaving the academic world. However I am aware many appreciate what little I have created and would like to maintain it. I’m also aware that there is relatively little good, accessible educational material for fundamental & applied battery electrochemistry, experimental methods etc in general.

So I have been considering, at some point in the future, re-launching my website as a business, on a different platform, where all the stuff that currently exists on my website today (and probably more besides) would be freely available as before, but with the possibility of extra material, whatever that might be (e.g. case studies, tutorial exercises w/ full explanations, maybe video lessons, maybe specific custom requests) as available to purchase for a reasonable price. Topics could be niche areas/methods like EIS, transference etc like I have on my site now, but also more general battery chemistry, technical analysis of specific technologies/future chemistries/companies could also be possibilities.

My hope would be that this would give better prospects for developing a good, more comprehensive and more accessible resource for the battery community and in a way that potentially opens up for contributors besides only me. What I am curious about is, is this something you (personally, your organisation, etc) would be interested in? What would you want to see?

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