LFP-Si vs LFP-Li, in principle

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On @stevelevine’s request, I have taken a look at how LFP/Si stacks up against ‘anode-free’ LFP/Li energy density-wise, following recent announcements…

Result: 100% Si looks potentially pretty close to Li, maybe better on Wh/L if paired with NMC811. With some caveats…

Estimated gravimetric energy densities for some electrode combinations
Estimated volumetric energy densities for some electrode combinations

To get these numbers I have built upon code I have previously shared. I am assuming that in these cases many parameters are the same (anode density, cathode porosity). NMC numbers are a little conservative and LFP a bit more ‘state of the art’

I have also taken my best guess at Si numbers, not having good figs to hand. For 25% Si, I have guessed based on info around @SilaNanotech’s announcement this week but I am far from sure about them. 100% Si is very much an assumption of future potential on my part.

In any case, these numbers fit well with my previous estimates as well as the recent white paper from @QuantumScapeCo, and preprint from @ssripad1 and @venkvis.

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