Battery Checklists

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This is a good checklist for anyone working with battery materials and electrochemistry, and I really encourage people to read it.

That said - why stop there? I would like to see the field go one step further and get into the habit of releasing raw data.

Even better than this - script the data analysis and plotting (e.g. Python, R), and release the code too - then readers can reproduce plots direct from raw data, and see all steps of the analysis. This is what Yu-Chuan Chien and I do.

Some advantages of this - there’s usually so much data in battery testing, you can rarely show it all in the paper. Someone might find something interesting you overlooked which forms the basis for a new study or collaboration…

It is also a matter of scientific integrity. Sadly there are for sure papers out there in the battery literature where the data is not being represented honestly. This I have written about before, and has been important for my own motivation [here]/2018/11/16/battery-materials-field-needs-to-take-open-data-seriously.html

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