My week @realscientists

From 18 - 24 November 2018 I had the opportunity to curate the @realscientists Twitter account, and talk about batteries and our research at Uppsala University to that account’s almost 70,000 followers.

It was quite a week - intensely busy, but fun to do, and the response from those who followed my tweets was great to see.

I’ve preserved my activity for posterity in the links to all of my major talking points (as threads) in the links below.


Intro · Fundamentals of battery chemistry · A brief history of rechargeable batteries


A look at the ÅABC lab · How to make an electrode · Small-scale pilot line · How to build a pouch cell battery · Applications of electrolysis


Research in real-time: electrode preparation in the glove box · Operando vs post mortem analysis · Battery storage masterclass ·


SEC and academia-industry collaboration in Sweden · History of Li-ion batteries · Future battery chemistries?


Our research on Li-S · ÅABC diffraction lab · Na-ion development in the lab · What’s the situation with solid-state batteries?


Where does the lemon battery get its energy from? · The chemistry of thermal runaway

Many thanks as well to Rickard Eriksson, Nataliia Mozhzhukina, Robin Lundström, Erik Berg, Yu-Chuan Chien, Yutaro Sashiyama, Ashok Menon, Reza Younesi, Le Anh Ma, Ronnie Mogensen and Yonas Tesfamhret for helping me with providing content and setting up demos throughout the week!

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