Simulating an RC-RC circuit

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On this page you’ll find an app which will let you simulate the impedance of this circuit:

RC-RC circuit

And if you familiarised yourself with the contents of the previous page you should recognise that we can calculate the impedance of this circuit by:

$$\displaystyle \pmb{Z} = \frac{R_1}{1 + j \omega R_1 C_1} + \frac{R_2}{1 + j \omega R_2 C_2} $$

The app below lets you set values for the two resistors and two capacitors. Some initial values are suggested already, just press “Simulate!” to get going. The app will look a bit crammed on this page, but you can use it – if you’re on a desktop PC you might find it more convenient to open the app in a new window and use it there.

Some suggestions: change the default capacitance values around and see what happens. Or adjust the values until the relaxation frequencies (time constants) are the same. The relaxation frequencies for each of the parallel RC units are given below the graph.

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