Curriculum Vitae

Professional experience

Researcher at Uppsala University, 2012-present

Materials for lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries, and electrochemical methods for Li-ion and Li-S batteries. Employed on permanent basis since 2016.

Current teaching:

Research Assistant at University of Southampton, 2012

First demonstration of an organic redox mediator for the Li-air battery system.

Industrial Placement at Merck Chemicals Ltd, 2007-2008

Liquid crystal-based optical films for transflective LCD applications.


Doctor of Philosophy at University of Southampton, 2012

Electrodeposition of polymer electrolytes for 3D Li-ion microbattery applications, under the supervision of Prof John R. Owen.

Master of Chemistry at University of Southampton, 2008

Specialisations and research projects: Li-ion batteries, electrochemistry, liquid crystals, polymer chemistry.

Other information

Reviewer for many of the leading journals in the fields of materials science and electrochemistry. Part of the local organising committee for the 15th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes in 2016 and the 1st Organic Battery Days in 2017, both in Uppsala, Sweden.


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Forthcoming papers


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PhD thesis

Available via the University of Southampton institutional repository.