Still pleasantly surprised

I’ve had my Nikon D610 for over a year now, after a few years learning the basics with my Pentax cameras. And, a year on, the Nikon still pleasantly surprises me, especially with its dynamic range.

Take this example, for instance. I just took a quick photo from my balcony – nothing fancy, just to test out my new circular polariser (a B+W Käsemann, as it happens). The highlight warning on the camera itself is flashing up most of the sky from the start. But, with some basic adjustments in Lightroom, there’s a pretty impressive (I think anyway) level of detail still hiding in there.

Besides the full frame sensor and the better lens, this is by far the biggest and most noticeable advantage for me over the Pentax K-5 II I was primarily using before. With the K-5 II, if it says the highlights are blown, it’s telling the truth, and the details aren’t there. With the D610, there’s always more detail than you think should be there.

Maybe it’s just spoiling me, and reinforcing bad habits… do I really need a graduated neutral density filter?!