Asus VivoPC running Ubuntu 14.10

Last week I bought a mini-computer, an Asus VivoPC VM60 to be precise, with the intention of running it as a variously useful home server. It was always my intention to run Linux (specifically Ubuntu) as the main operating system, and I ended up taking a little bit of a gamble on it as there wasn’t all that much information available as to what I could expect (not) to work. But since I have a decade’s worth of on-and-off familiarity with Linux, I figured it would all work out.

Since there wasn’t much information available before, this post is, in case anyone happens upon it, confirmation that everything I’ve tried so far works (more or less) out of the box with Ubuntu 14.10. Following advice I found elsewhere, I disabled the wireless (WLAN) in the BIOS before installation as a precaution, and re-enabled it afterwards. The main problem is that the wireless is limited to 6 Mbps, but since it’s connected to the router and other things via 1 Gbps ethernet anyway it’s not much bother.

So far, I’ve got it set up to do a whole host of useful things, including but not limited to:

Still tinkering, but so far so straightforward.