The Great LIFE Photographers

I rarely buy anything on impulse, but it was almost an instant decision to do so when I saw this book on the shelf while in the bookshop looking for something else, and it had me captivated for the rest of the weekend.

Not being old enough or American enough, I wasn't previously familiar with LIFE magazine, but I've since learned that in its heyday from 1936 to 1972 it was a weekly magazine specialising in photojournalism. This book, which has been around for some years now, is a truly staggering collection of incredible photos from the magazine's photographers, from relaxed portraits of celebrities to major world events to gritty front-line war photographs. I should think that for any photography enthusiast this book is nothing short of inspirational, and for everyone else it's at least a fascinating 20th century history book. It's one I'll certainly keep coming back to.

...and, for less than £12 on Amazon, it's a bargain…